1. Amina Baraka & the Red Microphone
    Amina Baraka

  2. This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People
    Toxic - Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, William Parker

  3. woodstock
    Don Moore

  4. And Company
    Marzette Watts

  5. Live at Channel Zero

  6. Live at Okuden
    The Uppercut: Matthew Shipp Mat Walerian Duo

  7. Live at Okuden
    Jungle: Mat Walerian/Matthew Shipp/Hamid Drake

  8. Ruminations in New York
    Ellis Marsalis

  9. Albert Ayler: Bells & Prophecy: Expanded Edition (2 Disc)
    Albert Ayler

  10. Headwall
    Extremely Serious Business

  11. Serious Business - John D. Thomas
    Serious Business

  12. Cutting Board
    Alan Sondheim (with Christopher Diasparra & Edward Schneider)

  13. Live at the Blue Note Cafe, Paris 1961
    Bud Powell

  14. Birdland 1953
    Bud Powell

  15. The Loweski
    Frank Lowe

  16. Camera
    Joe Morris

  17. Colorfield
    Joe Morris

  18. Boogie In The Breeze Blocks (2009)
    Talibam! & Friends

  19. Gigantomachia
    Naked Future

  20. Jugendstil
    Speed - Cheek - Leibovici

  21. Live in 65
    Holy Modal Rounders

  22. Gold
    Lindha Kallerdahl

  23. Solar Forge

  24. This Musicship

  25. Unity
    Frank Wright

  26. Movement Soul Volume 2

  27. Live Upstairs at Nick's
    New Ghost

  28. Recital
    Yma Sumac

  29. Live On The Riviera
    Albert Ayler

  30. Iron Path
    Last Exit

  31. Big Dong Dharma
    Marc Black

  32. Blues For Albert Ayler
    Frank Wright

  33. Lies, lies, lies
    Bill Horwitz

  34. The Will Come Is Now
    Ronnie Boykins

  35. We Move Mogether
    Sea Ensemble

  36. Black Beings
    Frank Lowe

  37. Pleasure Pudding
    Sweet Pie

  38. Old Timey Custard-Suckin' Band
    Old Timey Custard Suckin'

  39. Cave Rock

  40. SHQ
    Karel Velebny

  41. Skillfulness
    Alan Silva

  42. Yodeling Astrologer

  43. Rock-New Music Fusion

  44. At Judson Hall
    Noah Howard

  45. Free Music One And Two
    Free Music Quintet

  46. Local Colour
    Peter Lemer

  47. Raga
    Seventh Sons

  48. T'Other Little Tune
    Alan Sondheim

  49. The Machine
    Nedly Elstak

  50. The Third Testament
    The Godz

  51. Why Not
    Marion Brown

  52. You Used To Think
    Erica Pomerance

  53. The Forest And The Zoo
    Steve Lacy

  54. Eastern Man Alone
    Charles Tyler

  55. Godz 2
    The Godz

  56. In Search Of The Mystery
    Gato Barbieri

  57. Indian War Whoop
    Holy Modal Rounders

  58. Life Is A Constant Journey Home
    Jerry Moore

  59. No Deposit, No Return
    Tuli Kupferberg

  60. On Tour
    Burton Greene

  61. Ritual
    Alan Sondheim

  62. Slugs' Saloon
    Albert Ayler

  63. Your Prayer
    Frank Wright

  64. Zitro
    James Zitro

  65. Music from Europe
    Gunter Hampel

  66. Staying On The Watch
    Sonny Simmons

  67. Burton Greene
    Burton Greene

  68. Closer
    Paul Bley

  69. College Tour
    Patty Waters

  70. Contact High With The Godz
    The Godz

  71. Ensemble
    Charles Tyler

  72. Live At Café Montmartre, Vol. 3
    Don Cherry

  73. Live at Café Montmartre, vol.1
    Don Cherry

  74. Live at Café Montmartre, vol​.​2
    Don Cherry

  75. Music From The Spheres
    Sonny Simmons

  76. Noah Howard Quartet
    Noah Howard

  77. Sings
    Patty Waters

  78. Sunny Murray
    Sunny Murray

  79. The Call
    Henry Grimes

  80. The East Village Other
    The East Village Other

  81. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
    Timothy Leary

  82. Barrage
    Paul Bley

  83. Bells
    Albert Ayler

  84. Explosion
    Bob James

  85. Frank Wright Trio
    Frank Wright

  86. New York Art Quartet
    New York Art Quartet

  87. New York Eye & Ear Control
    Albert Ayler

  88. Percussion Ensemble
    Milford Graves

  89. Pharoah Sanders Quintet
    Pharoah Sanders

  90. Prophecy
    Albert Ayler

  91. Quartet
    Marion Brown

  92. Spirits Rejoice
    Albert Ayler

  93. The Byron Allen Trio
    Byron Allen

  94. The Hilversum Session
    Albert Ayler

  95. Town Hall 1962
    Ornette Coleman

  96. Trio
    Lowell Davidson

  97. The Giuseppi Logan Quartet
    Giuseppi Logan


ESP-Disk' Brooklyn, New York

Founded by Bernard Stollman in 1963, ESP-Disk's first release was an Esperanto album (hence the label's name). The label soon thereafter released a number of Free Jazz albums now considered classics; later it began to include other similarly less-commercial genres while always giving total freedom to the artists. ESP guarantees that "you have never heard such sounds in your life." ... more

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